Shattered (Glass & Fire)

from by Overwhelmed



Winter, in the heart of what we made
Blood-soaked soil in the fields of our frozen land
My memory in war will fade
In winter I took up my blade
And marched to avenge our clan

Silence, a field of snow and death
I berserker stood alone the only man left
Weary and torn I turned to the morn
The sun on the horizon west
And with glory in my heart I marched back to you

But smoke came on the winds of the shore
It carried the scents of home but you no more
I fell then to my knees and I wept
For on the wind crept the smell of fire
Vengeful fire that had come in my leave
The heathens had known that I left you alone

But the mongrel hordes could not foresee
The wrath which would flow unbound from me
When I found them there, inside my home
Their godless claws still clutching her lifeless beauty

And I watched the blood drain from their faces
From their veins
My blade knew their names
I passed their corpses strewn about the home we had built
Constituting the rubble of my sin
They had taken her from me
And left nothing
But shattered glass and fire

She left when I was young
When she left my life was done
She left when I was young
When she left my life was done

Shattered glass and fire

all rights reserved 2013-2016 Overwhelmed
all lyrics copyright Josh Underwood and Overwhelmed 2013-2016


from S​/​T, released August 29, 2015



all rights reserved


Overwhelmed Atlanta, Georgia

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