Overwhelmed (The Hurting Sound)

from by Overwhelmed



You are me, the shadow of my disease
The weariness of a constant defeat
A life now lived on my knees
I can't bear to break you apart with my hands
So live in torment walking damned

Dreaming dead – forced from the altar of sighs
Awaken the empty
The hurting hollow inside

You are me
The crack in my spine
The fury in me
The clench in my jaw
My last soulless shrug
The shadow of my disease
Never will you rest my lonely abscess
This mistake I made named humanity
Fires will thrust from primordial crust
Your ashes will blot, cleanse then de-clot

Dreaming dead – immersed in that distant roar
Hold my hand and lay with me
Till the sound of the end is no more

Cry, the wretched sound
Scream, the holy sound

Bleeding palms
Pressed together in prayer
Self mutilation
Cutting with spatial shards
A god of inversion
Claws at his black hole heart
Divine arterial spray
Creating still-born stars

You are me
Alone in your universe of pain
This murderous art I planned from the start
The culling of everything living
Sadism rends a pain without end
A pain which proves my existence
Homicidal divinity creating obscenity
To pacify my violent urge

Dreaming dead – show me the sheen in your eyes
So we learn to love again
If in essence only to die

Take my hand and lay with me
From the end we are born of sighs

Your life to me
And on your knees
Arisen suffering

Rise and suffer (Higher, Higher)

I can't break this endless solitude
There is nothing I can do
Death makes hope ring louder still
I have nothing left to kill

Drape the noose around my neck
And hang until I lose my breath
Drape the noose around my neck
And hang until I lose my breath

all rights reserved 2013-2016 Overwhelmed
all lyrics copyright Josh Underwood and Overwhelmed 2013-2016


from S​/​T, released August 29, 2015



all rights reserved


Overwhelmed Atlanta, Georgia

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