Cold Snap (Tomb of the North)

from by Overwhelmed



Scream, Scream to the wind
Bloody and grim
Why have I come to this place?
To face all of my fears
Restless and torn
From all the misery born
To be set free from constant agony
The darkness a swarm round its mountainous peak
This tomb of the north so enticingly bleak

Ache in my bones for the caverns of my home
This place I've come to rest is my final test
Forgotten by the world and expelled from the light
Ruinous lord of self exile
Drowning in a world of my own self-hate
My bitterness alone to perpetuate

My eyes begin to freeze and my blood begins to slow
A monument of cold in this place you'll never know
Ice forms inside
My body will abide
The clutching claws of death I will not deny
Mummified in frost
I cannot mourn the life I've lost
In this barren waste I've finally found my place
Frozen solid no tears on my face

And there I remain always, unbroken

Across the great away
The winds were his only guide
He came
Climbed the mountain there to die

Forever frozen never broken
Forever frozen never broken
Forever frozen never broken
Remember well these words I've spoken
The exiled soul lies in us all
The secrets in our throats will thaw
With vengeance hold your coffin high
You smashed apart our traitorous lies
Return now home my bastard son
Forgive us for your life undone

all rights reserved 2013-2016 Overwhelmed
all lyrics copyright Josh Underwood and Overwhelmed 2013-2016


from S​/​T, released August 29, 2015



all rights reserved


Overwhelmed Atlanta, Georgia

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